7 Best Hydraulic Fluid Additives on the market now

Looking for the best Hydraulic Fluid Additives?

The “best” Hydraulic Fluid Additives is a matter of personal preference. But durability, responsive customer service and quality are factors everyone can appreciate. You’ll find all of the above in our top below.

TOP 10

No. 1
Triax ATROS Multi-VIS AW 46 Full Synthetic Hydraulic Oil - 300% ADDITIVE Anti-WEAR Boost, 7,000-10,000 Hour...
  • FULL SYNTHETIC - No compromise formulation, full synthetic with extremely high-performance metrics. EXTREMELY ECONOMICAL - Lowest cost per hour of operation. Period. MULTI-VISC FORMULATION for wide...
  • TRUE ALL-SEASON - Extreme temperature range for arctic cold (-54 F) to hot desert summers. Trouble-free, long duration, flawless hydraulic response, and power transfer.
  • 7,000 -10,000 Hour RATING - Minimum 7,000 hour rating and up to 10,000 operational hours in severe service. ZERO FOAMING - Virtually zero foaming in high-stress environments and extremely rapid air release...
  • EXTREME THERMAL STABILITY - Highest viscosity index (194) of any commercially available hydraulic oil. Outstanding temperature tolerances and shear stability under high loads. Prevents overheating, blown...
  • CONTAINS 300% ANTI WEAR BOOST - Exceptionally high ZINC levels and corrosion inhibitors to protect expensive pistons and all types of hydraulic pumps.
No. 2
Power Up HydraMaxx Hydraulic Fluid Additive 1 Quart Bottle
  • Viscosity Index Improvers: Enhanced VII maintain lubricant flow and improve shear stability of the oil, especially at extreme temperatures.
  • Water Demulsifiers: Improves fluid ability to separate from water, virtually eliminating hydraulic issues related to water.
  • Pour Point Depressants: Reduce the pour point and improve flow at low temperatures.
  • Detergents and Dispersants: Enhances the fluid's ability to clean and disperse contaminants.
  • Extreme Pressure/Anti-Wear additives: Polarized AW, Friction Modifier and EP components provide unequaled protection for pumps, pistons, and sleeves. Fluid strength in increased allowing for significant...
No. 3
LUCAS 10018 Hydraulic Oil Booster with Stop Leak, 1 Gallon, Brown
  • Lucas, gallon hydraulic oil booster & stop leak, additive for hydraulic systems that stops leaks & increases hydraulic pressure
  • Adds extra shine to your product
  • Manufactured in china
  • Stops leaks
  • Prevents major overhauls
No. 4
Nitro Nine ZP-900 Hydraulic Anti-Foam 12 oz
  • Stops foaming
  • Reduces friction heat
  • Reduces fluid loss
  • Keeps seals pliable
  • Stops cavitation
No. 6
BOSS Snow Plow Hydraulic Fluid Oil 1 Case of 4 Gallons HYD01836 HYD01688
  • Genuine BOSS Hydraulic Fluid - 1 Case of 4 Gallon Bottles

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