Pregnancy Care
Tips to Care Women like Mother
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Our tips care you like mother. As we know how important is mother and we understand responsibility of mother so leave all your worry on us and go through useful information and learn to make yourself    mother.
Menstruation is a monthly cyclic, physiological shedding of internal lining of uterine cavity due to invisible interplay of female hormones. In simple terms, it is a regular monthly bleeding which a woman experiences. The first menstruation occurs usually at the age of 12 – 15 years. It is also called as ‘menarche’. Fertilization is a process of meeting (after mating) of the sperm with a mature egg. It begins with sperm egg collision and ends with a formation of life called zygote (single mononucleotide cell mass). The ovum immediately following ovulation is picked up by the fibril end of the fallopian tube and is rapidly transported to the ampullary part of the tube. The fertile period is period around ovulation, during which if relations are kept, the chances of pregnancy are high. In order to improve the chances of pregnancy, it is important to understand how to calculate the fertile period.
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Pregnancy is divided into three Quarter (three months). The first and the last quarters are times of extra precaution for the mother-to-be, since the baby is at the most vulnerable at these times. First month starts with the implanting of the embryo in the lining of the uterus. Second month embryo begins to grow in length. By the end of the second month, it is almost an inch long. Embryo in the third month is technically called the fetus. The fetus is now longer and the external features begin to be distinguished. Mother may feel the baby's first kick during fourth month. The baby continues to grow and needs more nutrition. Fifth is a month of rapid growth for the baby. The baby gains maximum length and weight in this month. Sixth month, the baby's skin has an old wrinkled look to it even though fat deposits under the skin start to form. The baby is too young to be born at this time. The baby weighs about two and a half pounds in the beginning of seventh month and is viable to be born, though still very premature. Eight month, the baby is fully formed now and is only undergoing cosmetic changes. Ninth month, the baby is in a perfect condition to be born. The lungs are able to sustain breathing on their own.

Tips to prevent nausea and morning sickness:

  • Eat more often but smaller amounts. Try not to go more than four hours between eating.

  • Get out of bed slowly

  • Keep biscuits handy to eat before getting out of bed

  • Avoid large meals

  • Rest as much as you can as feeling tiredness makes the feeling worse

  • Try to avoid smells and food that make you feel worse

  • Clean, lemony smells may make you feel better

  • Avoid eating spicy or fatty foods

  • Try to wear loose clothes that don't put pressure on your stomach

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After Delivery, Babies need many important tests and procedures to ensure their health. Delaying further medical care will preserve the precious few moments of life for you, your partner and the baby. A baby who has not been poked and prodded may be more willing to nurse and cuddle. So before delivery, talk to your doctor or midwife about delaying shots, medicine and tests. The first few days at home after having your baby are a time for rest and recuperation, physically and emotionally. You need to focus your energy on yourself and on getting to know your new baby. Even though you may be very excited and have requests for lots of visits from family and friends, try to get as much rest as possible. Try to lie down or nap while the baby naps. Don't try to do too much around the house. Allow others to help you and don't be afraid to ask for help with cleaning, laundry, meals, or with caring for the baby.
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New baby care is tough job. There's always that little voice in the back of your mind, that tiny tingle that makes you question ever move you make. You become confused on what to feed the baby, how to change him and even how much sleeping is normal. and this all makes sometimes the joys of parenthood in worry. There are a variety of guides geared toward newborn baby care. There is also a booming market for infant care products and even natural baby care.

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Warning: All the tips given here is for information purpose only. For more detail, please consult your doctor. try to give useful and best tips only, however is not responsible for sideeffects due to any given tips. 
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